Friday, April 29, 2016

Thank you Diane Severud....for taking over Chair job!

Get up and wash those
dishes, lazy!
  If anything was perfectly clear when Supervisor Edson of District 1 first took over the job of Chair of Calaveras Supervisors, that he cannot

   He continually misreads, skips words and seems to intentionally not want the public
to know what the agenda item actually is.

    Thank goodness for Board Secretary Diane Severud!  She has taken over his job
since he could not handle it. She reads everything clearly and distinctly, as a good Chair should.  Edson has no business, nor is he qualified to be a Chair over the Board.

   Can they switch. Just put Severud in the position of chair and see if it works. We do not need Edson at all. That way he can get back to his kitchen where he belongs, washing dishes.

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Les Martin (skidmark) said...

Out of frustration I contacted Ms. Severud concerning certain housekeeping items at the government center in hopes that she would place them in front of our illustrious BOS. Much to my surprise I received a very nice note from her the following day. It addressed my concerns.

Thank you Ms Severud.

Les Martin