Friday, April 29, 2016

Calaveras Supervisor Edson LIED to keep the Chair!

   The number of absolute lies that Calaveras Supervisor Edson has told over the past three years is endless, but one is worse than the others.

   To keep himself in the Chair in January 2016 he falsely slammed Chris Wright,
saying he didn't help in the Butte Fire.

   In fact, it is on video that Edson claimed to be the head of OES in Calaveras County in the first couple of days of the fire, and he phone number was published on our
website, as well as others, as the main contact.

   Three days later, he DUMPED the job on the Sheriff's department because he didn't like all the phone calls he was getting. 

    Edson was responsible for the OES when the fire started!  It was HIS job, not Wrights! 

    Edson LIED to keep the Chair so he could campaign to keep his job as Supervisor from the Chair position!

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Anonymous said...

he will soon be out of business from eating all his food and the grease spoon he considers a restaurant. The Bo Supes all meet there. I thought with three together it is a violation of the brown act? Wish a had my camera