Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Chamber of Commerce too biased??

  Everyone knows that the Calaveras Chamber of Commerce is anything but a smart business group, but what is now happening is indeed sad; not to mention corrupt!!

  Now, however, we have been told they may well be in deeper trouble. Calaveras Supervisor Edson GAVE them a FREE county building this month, and now they are giving HIM a candidates night??

   If you go, pay close attention. We are told that they have been instructed to ask questions to make him look good, to ask about only things sitting Supervisors could know.  This is disgusting and everyone needs to be watching.


Anonymous said...

hey Edson go back and make me an omelette and this time dont burn the eggs or eat any before you bring it to the table

Anonymous said...

I don't know abut biased, but dumb, yes.