Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Press release from C3 Initiative - 3,285 signatures

   Organizers of the Calaveras for Cannabis Control (C3) Initiative announced today that they believe they have met their goal of 1571 voter signatures to qualify for ballot placement in the November election.

  "The response has been very positive," proponent Barden Stevenot said on Tuesday. "We've had people contacting us from all over the county to sign."

   With the support of Calaveras voters, we exceeded our goal," states former Calaveras County Supervisor Merita Callaway, another proponent of the measure. "As we were gathering, we had an opportunity to talk with residents about the importance of regulating cannabis in our county.  We submitted a total of 3,285 signatures to the Elections Office and are confident that we've met the County's requirements for ballot placement."

   The C3 Initiative, based on the Board of Supervisors' proposed cannabis ordinance from earlier this year, would regulate all aspects of this industry, while providing environmental protection and an avenue for taxation. 

   The initiative would also halt the land rush that has plagued the County, establish a moratorium for new commercial grows until 2018 when the state begins issuing licenses, and require background checks for all cannabis industry business owners and employees

   "From comments that we've received from the residents, this is the only practicable solution to the issue," says Stevenot.  "Most voters don't see any way to reduce or control cannabis by simply banning it.
    They recognize that banning hasn't worked in the past, isn't working now in adjoining communities and would only be partly effective even if the significant funds needed to enforce it were available- which they aren't".

   The Calaveras for Cannabis Control Intitiative is endorsed by Barden Stevenot, Merita Callaway, Dr. Rodger Orman, Gary Hauer and River Klass.


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Anonymous said...

Verify each be valid. I read in the CEnterprise the ban people didn't have the actual partition attached to the signatures. Illegal and should disqualify them. There are rules and laws to follow when collecting signatures