Thursday, May 26, 2016

10,800 Illegal marijuana seedlings on private land

     On May 26, 2016 members of the Calaveras Narcotics Enforcement Unit located and eradicated 10,800 marijuana plant seedlings from a rural private
property on Rock Creek Road in Copperopolis.

   Sheriff's investigators received a tip that a clandestine water line was found running into a pond on the property.
   The unknown suspects had attempted to conceal this water line by burying it and covering the line with dirt, rocks and grass.

   Suspecting possible illegal marijuana cultivation, investigators checked the property this morning at the request of the owner.

   The investigators located a campsite hidden in the brush,
along with groceries that had been recently brought into the campsite.

   The water line led from the pond to a series of seed beds containing marijuana seedlings.

   It was apparent that an area of the property was being prepped for illegal cultivation of marijuana. No suspects were located and the investigation is ongoing.

   Unfortunately the property owner, a local cattle rancher, now has to deal with the trash left behind by the illegal growers, as well as the holes and other ground disturbance
on his property.



Anonymous said...

Good job, Sheriff! Sad to see them wasted, tho

Anonymous said...

Isn't that where Wooster has a ranch. If you didn't catch them how does he know they were Mexicans he hates.

Anonymous said...

I went online to look thiss up and just below the stories of tearing these out, are three sites to teach people how to grow. lol

Anonymous said...

What a wawte. I would buy some of them.

Anonymous said...

they should sell them to the legal growers could make money