Sunday, May 29, 2016

Letter to the Editor: USFS Candyrock Restrictions not enough!!


   I know that the Sierra Sentinel continues to hear complaints of errant shooting, noise, large numbers of shooters, warlike conditions, filth, pollution to the Stanislaus River; all and more from the people who refuse to go to a legitimate gun range to target shoot.

  Just before her retirement, USFS's Susan Skalski got brave
enough to somewhat restrict the hours of use at the Candyrock Quarry Gun Club, of which at least 1500 people signed as members. (I saw the list)

   I also saw what the Sentinel forwarded the USFS office; the threats that had been sent "anonymously" if the USFS in any way limited these 1500 members use of THEIR gun club.

   Since then the Sierra Sentinel, as everyone is aware, has continued to receive "MASS terrorist threats" from an anonymous mental alcoholic, which I have seen posted reported to authorities.

    I believe Theresa McClung and the other employees at the USFS are justifiably afraid of what will happen to them, just as Skalski apparently was.  When will the homegrown terrorists be locked away from the public?  Who would ever protect us from SCUM like these?

   It is because of scurge like these that people hate ALL gun fanatics, who would rather kill and shoot than take care of their children by teaching them a positive activity; would rather kill and shoot than take care of their homes and yards; would rather kill and shoot than have respect for ANYONE and do not really care about anyone but THEMSELVES!!

   After all, as we all know, torturing innocent animals is NOT a sport.  A sport is when the other team has equal opportunity to win. Only cowards hunt and only gun thugs are so PARANOID that they spend their money on guns instead of buying the important necessities!

  If you think shooting is the most important thing in life, join a legitimate gun club; follow the rules; don't go to drink and party and USE a bathroom. As the OPED I read said, locking the gate year-round is the only thing left to do. This does NOT ban shooting, but make the drunks carry all their booze and ammunition and AK's to the range.

    Anonymous in Ebbetts Pass due to the homegrown terrorists at Candyrock who don't believe we have the right to an opinion without them threatening to kill us!


Anonymous said...

You tell em.

Anonymous said...

I have to thank the sentinel for having the guts; the only publication with the guts to write the truth about Candyrock for years now!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you know who the mental alcoholic is. Would you tell us?

Anonymous said...

I don't know exactly when they made some restrictions, but you're right. It isn't enough.

Anonymous said...

Preston says he in control. Also says mclung wants him. that's why he gets what he wants, he says.