Saturday, June 25, 2016

Per Calaveras Supervisor Oliveira: Ford Consturuction Hiring

   According to District 3 Supervisor Oliveira, people in District 4 of Calaveras County, or Angels Camp, are thrilled to be getting a brand new ASPHALT PLANT.

   Located, according to Oliveira, in Carson Hill, Ford Construction will be hiring all kinds of employees, as they will have at least 100 trucks
on Hwy 49 and Hwy 4 every day and the plant running 24 hours a day. He also says
Thank you, Stevie!!
there seems to be NO environmental impact.

  You can reach them to apply at 333-1116 or 772-2775 or email


Anonymous said...

Sounds like bovine scat to me. Why would Ford be hiring in Brad Sutton's operation. Maybe Ford is going to truck raw material from Hogan to Carson Hill?

Anonymous said...

Better than the Tea Pary supervisor scat we've been getting.