Friday, June 24, 2016

Grand Jury findings about Calaveras Sheriff's Department

   In the recent release of the 2015-16 Grand Jury report for Calaveras County, the most important aspect of their year of investigations was regarding complaints at the Calaveras Sheriff's Office.

   Under the Kuntz regime,
complaints were tossed, not only regarding bad officers, but for reported crimes. We can attest to that fact. 

     Friends of deputies were allowed to commit crimes and virtually nothing was done.  Bragging was done by at least one of these criminals that he has the Sheriff by the "short hairs" so everything turned in against him was destroyed (disappeared)!

   We have a copy of what the Sheriff's department at that time called their ONLY way of making a complaint. Before it starts, it WARNS the complainant that THEY will be investigated and could be charged.  INSANITY ruled under Kuntz.

   We have hope that Sheriff DeBasilio will not run his department in a corrupt or biased way!  Meanwhile, even if you call in any type of complaint, also go online and file an online complaint, print it out and keep it.  This is your proof of the problem; called EVIDENCE.

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