Monday, June 27, 2016

RECALL of District 5 Kearney moves forward....

   Although Steve Kearney, current Supervisor of Calaveras District 5 has tried everything, including stating he is moving the asphalt plant, people have not be fooled by him.

   Yesterday was the last day to collect signatures for the RECALL. Now they will get turned in and counted by the Elections Department.


Anonymous said...

Why were people turning in the signed recall petitions treated rudely and disrespectfully by the elected official, Rebecca Turner? Is she a supporter of Kearney and the asphalt plant?
Why did she make the petition supporters wait three hours (4 P.M.) before she would provide them with the necessary receipt?

Government codes spell out how things are required to work. Does the election official have the power to override state law? Kearney was required to have certain information in by a specific date. He failed to comply. The Clerk/Recorder, Rebecca Turner, violated state law by giving Kearney two additional days to submit the necessary paperwork.

Does Rebecca Turner, Clerk/Recorder, not realize the people of the county are ticked off? Will there be a RECALL petition for Rebecca Turner, Clerk/ Recorder? I, for one, hope so. If you can't do the job properly, get out!

Maybe Calaveras County should be re-named: CORRUPTION COUNTY!

Anonymous said...

The recall signatures turned in were well above the magic number needed.

Congratulations Mr. Kearney, you've been recalled!

Anonymous said...

Seriously! Now you people are going after the County Recorders Office? That group running the Recall, and soon to be the Marty Crane for District 5 Supervisor supporters, are the most agressive toxic group in Calaveras. Lead by non other than Janice who camps out on Valley Springs Bulletin Board.
Crane tried to get to recall Spellman to get in as Supervisor her husband tried to beat him up in th County Recorders office during that failure. Charming people I can"t imagine why te staff isn't somewhat guarded dealing with these people.