Friday, June 24, 2016

How many animals has F&W's Eric Kleinfelter murdered lately???

This is one of the photos of
F&W camera. We have many
more photos
   UPDATE:  He plans a trip to the Calaveras Supervisors to ask for $66,000 more to kill our wildlife.

  As we all know a man named Eric Kleinfelter, who claims to work for California Fish and Wildlife, is allowed to come into Calaveras County and murder
innocent animals whenever he wants.

   He is nothing more than a paid assassin and has been accused of this at public meetings in Calaveras County.  How many has he murdered in the past year???

   Stay tuned. Our investigation into his practices continues.  What are his ties to a man named Baker and Jim Behm for special favors?

     How about his relationship with Bill Magladry (known as baglady)?  Are any of these people involved in the trapping and transport, allowing certain friends to then shoot animals??  The things we are told that go on at Fish and Wildlife are scary!!

   And what about the neighborhood dog they accidentally trapped in the door, allowing it to scream for at least two hours, suffering in agony until it died? We knew who's is was the minute we heard it was missing.

   A full California State Attorney General's Office investigation needs to take place, not just of what we have been made aware of, but of the entire Fish and Wildlife Department and the agency above them Natural Resources, headed by a man named John Laird.

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