Thursday, July 7, 2016

So, you think you have bad, criminal neighbors??? Neighbors from Hell # 23

   At the June 21, 2016 Calaveras Supervisors meeting a couple of people got up to speak of how terrified they are of their neighbor who grows cannabis.

    You mean you don't have a dirty filthy dog poisoning,
stinking racist youth beating, violent neighbor; then kiss your neighbors?  Be glad you live next to pot farmers!

   Do you think that if anyone could, they would send a stinking, no good violent racist feared every day, to live next door to you?  Would you trade straight across??

    If you are lucky not to live next door to drunkards, dirty cops, postals or obvious mental cases, be glad.

   If you can't even list how many police reports you've been forced to make against a crazy racist neighbor, and you can't even think about how your dog suffered after being poisoned, then you can't complain. Do they always lie to the police???
   If you were shocked that the vet you went to gives dog poisoners free vet care, then you understand.  Have they actually bragged about their free vet care???

  If there seems to be no end to the violence, the vandalism, the harassment, the stalking and the smell of a dirty cop in the air, then you can complain! 

    Do you receive constant harassment and threats you believe are intended to terrorize to keep you from practicing your First Amendment rights to write?

   You were smart if you have repeatedly refused to give them jobs or money before and never would change that. You make your dirty racist bed, you lie in it.  If there is anything that poisons our county, its a dirty cop!!

    We wrote and will continue to write about dirty cops, racists, gun violence, candyrock and anything else we see and want to write about.

  Are your neighbors NOT part of the Oliveira campaign committee, led by Preston and McmAnus as ordered by Supervisor Oliveira. Are you lucky or what???

    Let's see now! Did Oliveira order 7 idiot campaign signs put up against your property by lovely racist neighbors?

    Does he really think that will get people to support him?? No! It just shows who he really is!!

   And have you been repeatedly threatened or terrorized by a close friend of Oliveiras not to write about Candyrock, gun violence, racism or anything else? What? Never??

   Stop complaining about pot farmer neighbors and complain about the real criminal neighbors in Calaveras County. There are plenty!


Anonymous said...

Nothing new here.

Anonymous said...

I remember that well. People just don't change. They may lie that they change, they just don't change.

Anonymous said...

I would also take a pot farmer over what yu've got

Anonymous said...

I would rather have a pot farmer than the meth dealer I have next doror, too. cops seem to like meth and hate pot. go figure

Anonymous said...

The cops get paid to go after pot by the FEDS, not meth. IT's about money