Thursday, July 7, 2016

Police officers shot in Dallas

   UPDATE at 6 AM July 8, 2016:  A shooter who apparently said he wanted to shoot white people, especially white police officers, killed 5 and injured 7. He was killed by police with a robot holding a bomb.

   As the President said, "We are a country on the edge", and it was just a matter of time till someone went over the edge like this.
   UPDATE at 8:55 PM:  The number has been raised to 11 officers shot and 3 dead.

UPDATE:  Now it is being reported that 10 officers have been shot.

   UPDATE:  Now the report is that 4 Dallas Area Rapid Transit officers have been shot. One is dead. Also, 7 other people have been wounded in the shooting.

  During protests of the shooting
of black men by police officers tonight in Dallas, two police officers have been shot not far from where President Kennedy
was killed.

   The President says "We're better than this!", but it seems that the racism against blacks by white officers continues, and now, is this retaliation?

     You cannot win against the police. They have armies of officers who will come after you. No one goes after the officer who kills.  The best any of us can do is keep a camera going at all times when police are around.

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