Saturday, November 3, 2018

Letter to the Sierra Sentinel: Trumpianity

   Dear Sierra Sentinel:

   All I can say is that after watching various 'religious' people, so-called Christians, talk about how they feel only THEY should decide how people live, I became physically nauseated.

   I don't mind any religion as long as they don't try to push me into believing their nonsense or KNOCK ON MY DOOR, but these 'evangelist Christians' want to control me, and I will NOT allow it.

   They have now POISONED the Christianity well with Trumpianity, a racist sickness, a desire to make laws that ONLY follow THEIR bible and ignore the rights of others.

   Christianity in America will NEVER recover from this. STAY away from Christian churches. They are a black smear on good religion. 

  I even think their craziness will actually help the Jewish faith.  I cannot be associated with a bunch of Trump nuts!

   Thanks for listening,

    J from Arnold

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