Saturday, November 3, 2018

This could be the end of losing sleep due to government control...

No daylight is actually gained with Daylight Saving Time!
It was a phony game the government played with our jobs!
VOTE YES on Prop 7!! 
  If Proposition 7 passes, it could mean the absolute end to our losing sleep in the Spring with Daylight Saving Time.

  Last night we gained the hour back, but a YES on 7 can mean we never have to allow the government to control our clocks again.


Anonymous said...

Let's hope this passe - Daylight Savings Time is obsolete and not needed any longer.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with keeping standard time. It has to pass a state legislature vote of 2/3 and then it goes to the Federal Govt. to make the final decision. Our vote only sends it to our State Legislature for them to vote. Kinda confusing. We can tell them what we want, but it's totally up to the Feds if we get it or not.

Anonymous said...

Hate daylight savings time, get rid of it once and for all!