Monday, February 18, 2019

If you cause damage to someone else property.....lawsuits????

 Have you ever damaged someone else's property in any way?  Most of us would NEVER do such a thing.

   And if we may have
without intention caused damage, wouldn't we write to the person and overtly apologize to them for what we caused them.

  What kind of person  makes wierd phone calls to bother a person's work, leaving a number that does NOT work and never giving the legal contact or insurance agents name and number.

  No nice person or decent neighbor would ever behave in such a mentally unstable manner, would they, especially if they have been in court due to trouble they have intentionally caused that same neighbor in past years?

   In our opinion, only the worst of the worst, the most evil of the evil and mentally ill of all behave in such a manner. 

   Are we concerned that the additional pain and suffering they are causing after they caused severe damage will add to the cost of all the injuries? 

  What do you think?  Have you ever had bad neighbors???  Would you EVER agree to anything they or their scum friends suggested?  I don't think so!!!

  If those type of persons don't stay off any persons property that they have been warned for years to stay off of, will there be even more lawsuits?


Anonymous said...

good fences make good neighbors

Anonymous said...

anybody'd be foolish not to apologize and make good, pay for damages, ets.