Saturday, February 16, 2019

Letter to Sierra Sentinel: Karen Strohmeyer

   Dear Sierra Sentinel:

    I just wondered how did you know that Karen Strohmeyer would read your notice to her. I hear that she did, but just wondered?

   Sierra Sentinel lover in Arnold
   In response to this letter and several others like it, we can tell you that we know Karen Strohmeyer sees this because we are aware she reads the website regularly.

   The Strohmeyers have been ordered to pay us thousands in damages by a judge, as they have tried to prevent us from publishing the truth about racism, gun violence, dirty cops, etc.  They were even ANTI-SLAPPED for trying to take away FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS from a publication.

   We have been to court with them most recently where the judge asked why she was behaving in an insane manner (blasting her horn at us daily) and she sat on the stand and read what she says was an article written in the Sentinel that she didn't like.  She had printed it out. and read it aloud.

  After admitting her harassment, the judge warned her that ONE MORE TIME and she would have a RESTRAINING ORDER placed against her.



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Anonymous said...

One day i was at the post office and the fat guy husband i assume, was bad mouthing your buisness because you refused to hire him when he got fired from CHP. I just laugh at losers!