Saturday, February 16, 2019

Had a tree fall on your land? Can be daunting repairs and damages claim

   We hear all kinds of stories about trees falling in Calaveras, but until recently had not had to deal with it personally.

   We find that just the cost of a crane
to lift a tree out of your yard without damaging anything more than it already has, is costly.
   Then there is a PG&E person to  have to watch and a security guard on duty during the work.

   And after the tree is removed to the driveway where it belongs, the real work has to be done by a qualified company who does landscaping.

  Counting the number of trees and documenting the plants damaged is important.  And if you have a member of family with heart trouble or some other serious illness, the stress can be overwhelming.

   Just be careful to only hire someone with a contractors' license to to all the work and we recommend getting a good lawyer to help with the settlement.

   Notify your insurance agent  and if another property is involved, make sure their agent is aware of the ongoing problem.

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