Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Man with sombrero yells racial epithets at Calaveras Board meeting

   A man who had been leaning against the back door of the Calaveras Supervisors Chambers came to
the podium to speak and Chair Garamendi immediately stopped him.

   The man (name we didn't catch) started yelling racial epithets, calling minorities names. Chair  Garamendi stopped him and said he would NOT allow that type of speech. (one term he used was 'wetback')  Disgusting person!!!

   The man shouted something back and stomped out the back door. Immediately a Calaveras deputy Sheriff followed him out.

   This is the RIGHT WING extremist showing their true selves. Being anti-cannabis is racist!! Good job, Chair Garamendi!


Anonymous said...

That was insane. Do you know his name?

Anonymous said...

That guy is a model banner. Saying what everyone other banner won’t say is real reason they hate cannabis.

Anonymous said...

He is from valley springs and is bill McManus friend