Saturday, February 23, 2019

Threat to Calaveras County Public Services or Facilities

   At the February 26, 2019 Calaveras Supervisor meeting, a Closed Session will be held with Captain Jim Macedo of the Sheriff's Office.

   The item says its due to a threat to Calaveras County Public Services or facilities.  The Sheriff's Office, and especially Jim Macedo seems to LIKE
threats to women made by his racist supporters. He does NOTHING about death threats, shooting up a home threat, burning down a home threats and property damage admitted to by his racist friends.

   So if it is the racist scum we know so well, who are allowed to threaten even the President of the United States, along with women they have never met, don't expect anything to be done about it!


Anonymous said...

Ban cult wing of Calaveras trying to shift the focus from Cannabis policy to some violent actions. That is what the bansters are known for

Anonymous said...

This is what Trumpsters are all known for.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it Under Sheriff Macedo? As I recall the position of Under Sheriff was eliminated quite a while ago, the county couldn't afford the position.