Friday, February 15, 2019

To Karen Strohmeyer: NO TRESPASSING!!! Calling the Sheriff!!

   Since you refuse to answer the cell 559-3763 that you called from we are telling you here, to STAY
OFF our land.

   You have caused NOTHING but trouble for years, as reported to the Calaveras Sheriff and your message that YOU are getting someone to take care of OUR problem caused by YOUR apparently negligence of tree removal, is NOT allowed. NO TRESPASSING!!!!

   WE have hired someone to investigate thoroughly what went on and how much damage, including our pain and suffering, was caused.

    You will be hearing from our ATTORNEY!!!  Neither you or your scumbag friends or so-called employees are allowed on OUR land!

  My next call is to notify the Sheriff!!


Anonymous said...

So i smell chip scum? think so!

Anonymous said...

funny how these people reappear after going underground. i do believe still that they are the people who stole from me years ago. deny, deny, deny, but i knew them so well.

Anonymous said...

A case of beer goes a long ways at an indian reservation!