Thursday, February 14, 2019

Realtors MUST notify prospective homebuyers of neighbor problems

  Whenever we buy a new home, we take the chance that we won't get along with, or like our new

   However, last night on Channel 13 News, it was made clear that by law, realtors MUST notify prospective buyers of anything detrimental nearby to their well-being or safety.

   A couple who bought a home began being harassed by a neighbor relentlessly. (Sound familiar?). They notified police, spoke with the realtor, who told them to see an attorney.

   It was then that Channel 13 exposed the fact that the realtor is responsible for telling people of ANY negative information about neighbors, especially those next door. The seller is also liable!

   A record of police reports (always keep hard copies) which are made prove that the problem was well-known before the couple purchased the home.

   Someone with a problem involving violence or arrests of a police officer or their firing, someone dying in the home, violent verbal racism, or a taxidermy in the garage, must be made known to the prospective buyer.

   The realtor can be sued, along with the harassing or possibly dangerous neighbor.  You do not have to endure the abuse!  Of course, they will deny knowing anything, but if there was anything in the newspapers, it would be hard to deny!

   DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT EVERYTHING!  Did your realtor allow you to move in next door to a fired dirty cop?  Do something!


Anonymous said...

I recently was shown a home where someone had died. I appreciated that i was told about it, even though it was a natural death. honesty matters!

Anonymous said...

We were not so lucky. Have known criminal next to us, and druggies in back. Not sure what to do.

Anonymous said...

Ask the REALTOR that handled your transaction as to what they knew and why didn't they tell you, then SUE them. Welcome to Calaveras County!