Tuesday, February 12, 2019

OP-ED: Why did so many people hate Oliveira??

   We believe that the main reason so many people hated the Oliveira campaign was of
Oliveiras's own making.

   Although many warned him not to hang out with people like Michael Preston (the man turned in to the Secret Service and FBI for threatening President Obama by standing in a crowded restaurant, pointing his finger like guns and shouting "SHOOT the N*****"!)

   That restaurant is now defunct, we believe due to the owners allowing Preston to run rampant in their business, therefore destroying any possibility of staying or selling.

   Some of Prestons closest cohorts were also involved in Oliveira's campaigns, the Strohmeyers (Patrick was fired from CHP, according to 25 newspaper accounts, after another police officer turned him in for handcuffing and then beating a young Hispanic man in Stockton) and Bill McManus, (well-known as MR. BIGPOT, which is the term he used for marijuana).

   We learned of the Strohmeyer link to the Oliveira campaign when Karen Strohmeyer and Michael Preston actually hung 7 Oliveira signs near the property line between us and the Strohmeyers, facing only us, after the SierraSentinel.com refused to support Oliveira the first time he ran.

  Other unpopular activists in his right wing extremist group were Alice Montgomery and of course, the Muetterties.  There were others on the peripheral, but these were his main problem. Extremism will get you in the end, literally, Mr. Oliveira.

   We warned Oliveira several times, that he needed to clean out all the scum from his campaign, but he wouldn't listen. 

   Thankfully, Callaway came back and is now taking care of District 3, as Oliveira really wasn't capable of handling the problems.


Anonymous said...

McManus is by far the worse lying scum living up here in the foothills. He has nothing to do but bother the supervisors and follow MILLS like a new puppy follows his mom

Anonymous said...

I agree. Mrs. Montgomery is a looney tune and he should have kept his distance from her. The Muddies teamed up with Monty and started spreading misinformation and complete lies. Sad that he just couldn't stand up to them. Then again, he didn't know what he was doing in the first place so why should I have expected more?

Anonymous said...
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