Tuesday, April 2, 2019

CalFire vs. SPI and Howell--What is Marilynn Meyers angle?

   The Moonlight Fire in Plumas County was allegedly started by a bulldozer being run by an employee of Howell's Forest Harvesting and SPI for millions in damages
caused by the 65,000 acre fire in 2007.

   It seems the bulldozer area was not checked properly and therefore the fires it started were not noticed for quite awhile.

   Apparently, although the litigation went on until 2017, there were some questions regarding notes destroyed and other CalFire problems, as there often are after a big fire.

   Due to the missing records, it appears that the judge awarded the defendants attorney fees, and it seems the battle goes on.

   Other than some notes that were missing, we do not see how Josh White should be deemed responsible, as Marilyn Meyer has stated.   Her stance seems to be in defending SPI, but it isn't totally clear.

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