Saturday, April 27, 2019

Wildfire Community Preparedness Day

   On Saturday May 4, 2019 between 9 AM and 1 PM Supervisor Callaway is announcing there
will be a Wildfire Community Preparedness Day for the Ebbetts Pass corridor.

   It will be held at Independence Hall in White Pines.  Discussions will be held on evacuation routes, emergency notifications, lot inspections and insurance options.
   We see that it is being sponsored by State Farm Insurance and a BBQ will be available by CalWaste, but we do not see Ebbetts Pass Fire or CalFire on the list. We aren't sure why!


Anonymous said...

It's a complete joke that's why! In addition to measure A that is a complete scam! Has anyone read the budget besides myself? 75k for a secretary they don't need and outrageous salaries for all! Make massive cuts before taxing us to death!

Anonymous said...

Ironic. State Farm won’t carry me but they’ll host this BS.