Tuesday, April 16, 2019

DiBasilio saw the writing on the wall

Is that a growing bald spot on the back
side of his head?
   After so many people stood up and complained that the money the county received from the PG&E settlement from the Butte Fire should not leave District 2, the Calaveras Sheriff chickened

   DeBasilio had been demanding a million dollar radio network to play with, but gave up and told the
Supervisors that he would allow it to be removed from the list of demands.

   He's apparently smarter than he looks!  He saw Toffy get hammered when he demanded money for his next political campaign to two buildings in his district that were NOT harmed in the Butte Fire.


Anonymous said...

He’s not smart, and he is a chicken.

Anonymous said...

Probably the most responsible act Sheriff Rick has done since becoming Sheriff.

Anonymous said...

remember they purchased the very expensive canopy measuring tool? Length x width is how we did it in high school

Anonymous said...

One thing he likes, is to spend money all right!