Saturday, April 27, 2019

Lots of fun and games at the NRA?

What we need are MORE guns,
MORE guns, more
school shootings, right?
   Trump seems to have had a good time at the NRA convention yesterday. The infighting
going on between Iran Contra's Oliver North and Wayne LaPierre came to a head with LaPierre accusing North of trying to oust him.

   North is making claims of financial improprieties involving Lapierre. As a response North said he is ordering a total inspection of their financial records. LaPierre, long time BOSS at the NRA is not happy.

   North says he will not spend another year at the NRA, which has lost support and therefore big bucks recently!  Such a wonderful organization, isn't it?

   Check out the expose' in the New Yorker, titled "Secrey, Self-dealing and GREED at the NRA" .  It's very enlightening, although not surprising.

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