Thursday, April 18, 2019

Crime in Ebbetts Pass OUT OF CONTROL!!!

   We warned the voters that electing Rick DiBasilio as Calaveras Sheriff would be a big
mistake, but Supervisor Oliveira campaigned for him and helped him win.

  Now the crime in Arnold is the worst we've seen it in years; all kinds of tools stolen after a break-in of a hardware store, gas drained from a non-profit van, theft and vandalism at schools and post offices.

   The crooks know that we have that deputy Wondercop Joel Burnett, who we have nothing but wierd things about, not to mention his main job appears to be blimping out with foodies!  They know he could never catch them.

   This is what DiBasilio thinks of us up here in Ebbetts Pass. He dumps Burnett, the Wondercop on us.  Thanks a lot Basilio.


Anonymous said...

Its the whole county, he concentrates on marijuana and forgets about the meth losers. And th District Attorney doesn't bother licking up the repeat offenders. The sheriff's dont even want to write a report, its like you need to force them to do their job. SAD

Anonymous said...

He has no idea what he is doing

Anonymous said...

You can't really be surprised. HE's obsessed with pot.