Saturday, April 13, 2019

Who is Robin Wellmaker?? Degree in arboriculture

   How can an employee named Robin Wellmaker of ACRT, the company PG&E uses for cutting down our trees, have
a degree in Arboriculture from Foothill College in Los Altos?

   If you attended Foothill, you know that they do not have Arboriculture degrees!  So, are her qualifications just that she cuts orders everyone's trees cut down?

   We have a strange letter, claiming she is one, and that she examined the entire tree that fell on our land, damage we have not even filed a claim on yet.

   In this letter from FARMERS Insurance, they state that Wellmaker claims we have no damages because she says there was nothing wrong with the tree.

   We are asking many questions and will demand a full investigation into this letter's origins (or as Trump would say, ORANGES)!

   This is one of the wildest situations we have ever heard of, but should be expecting it from Karen Strohmeyer, who claims she owns the house where the tree fell.

  MORE TO COME!  MUCH More to come!!

   According to the letter, you better beware of using FARMERS Insurance, as they appear to deny liability claims you never yet filed!


Anonymous said...

Is she one of that bunch of kkk nuts up in the pass?

Anonymous said...

You can verify her credentials here...

punky said...
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Anonymous said...

Does this person work for a tree company, legit? Have a bus lic? in calaveras? work for pge or that acrt bunch?