Thursday, April 18, 2019

Greg Stark, Calaveras Sheriff-in-Waiting, issues thank you!

Wait! No! This is the
wrong Gregory Stark,
from a comic book!
  "We thank you!" says Greg Stark, who planned to run for Sheriff in 2018 (even bought a bunch of hats)
and then was told by DiBasilio
it wasn't his turn.

No, again! This is the Greg Stark in
Kentucky!  Looks a lot like him though!
   DiBasilio said that if he supports DiBasilio, that when he is through he will support Stark (suck up boy of the year) for the next Sheriff.

   Since Stark was thanking Dispatchers for doing their jobs, we feel that he is well qualified:  to be a DISPATCHER!! Let's get him promoted!

We believe the one on the far right
is Greg Stark. Next to him is the
guy known as the Ebbetts Pass
Wondercop Joel Burnett. Well respected
CHP officer for the area  Gary Soria is
the third sitting with Potloving
Ricky DiBasilio standing 

Instead, he does little and is officially the Sheriff-in-Waiting!

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Anonymous said...

Ohhh, Starky baby