Thursday, April 18, 2019

Investigation into Robin Wellmaker and Farmers Insurance continues

   Ever since we received a strange letter from Farmers Insurance regarding a claim for damages
we have not yet officially made, we have been investigating.

  What we have learned about Robin Wellmaker is that she allegedly is a Meth addict who has appeared before a judge in Calaveras County.  Online there was discussion in court about her having no teeth.

   We also got an email from a man who says he's a friend of hers who claims she no longer works for PG&E or ACRT here in this area. He stated he would email her and give her our contact information so she could clear up our questions.

   We never heard back from her. In fact, we heard that she skipped the area quite some time ago and is now living in the Los Angeles area.  So now we have more questions.

   Is there insurance fraud going on? What happened to Chris Renauro, who harassed us on the phone that he was helping the Strohmeyers.  We want the local DA and state Attorney General to investigate his company Proper Pruning for questions and any possible wrongdoing involved.

  We had refused to allow him to do any work on our property after learning that he had been arrested for alleged Evasion of Taxes just last year, according to the DA.

   Then, if Wellmaker indeed did split from this area, when did she and why did she sign some form stating the tree the Strohmeyers allowed to fall onto our land was just fine, as she had (according to Farmers) checked it out the length of the truck (much of which is still on our land.

   Did she investigate the roots, which were clearly displayed?  Did Proper Pruning's Chris Renauro do an investigation of their tree roots?

   Is Chris Renauro not a qualified arborist , as he claimed to be when he called to ask permission to come onto our land?  Where is his report and why was the sinkhole buried so quickly, not even waiting for the snow to melt?

   Something is not right and we are going to get to the bottom of it.  Corruption? Fraud?  Negligence? Harrassment?  Kickbacks? Or worse?!  Time will tell!!

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Anonymous said...

Last I'd heard she was living outside Detroit, going by Racquel