Monday, April 8, 2019

Op-Ed: Are racists inherently terrorists?

   Since nearly all mass domestic shootings in America are race based in one-way or
another, what is the connection between racists and terrorists?

   If you are racist and have thoughts of the destruction of those who are of another race, you ARE then a terrorist.

   We already know that racism is an evil cancer infecting American society with Trump leading the way.

   If you think that after a racist terror attack, that it is okay because those people were of another race, you ARE then a terrorist waiting to happen.

    Do laws regarding racism need to be expanded and those who have the mental disorder of racism need to be forcibly treated before they are allowed to mix with the rest of society?

   Since Trumps mental disorders have become so evident, more people are becoming aware of  this serious illness and its need for treatment.

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