Thursday, December 19, 2019

Calaveras Sheriff adds special vehicle thanks to campaign committee

New vehicle similar to this one!
Sexy guy not included!
   The Calaveras Sheriff's Office is announcing that it has added a new vehicle to their fleet.  It is an all-terrain vehicle that can be utilized in emergencies.

   It will be used for active assailant incident, hostage situations, armed or violent suspect apprehenion and search and rescue missions, allowing deputies to enter dangerous
situations to effectively bring about peaceful conclusions.

   According to the Sheriff, deputies will have the increased ability to de-ecalate situations that could otherwise end up in one or more fatalities.

   The vehicle's ballistic resistance allows deputies to rescue victims or hostages during ongoing violent incidents, saving more lives.

   It is built on a heavy-duty commercial truck platform, which allows upkeep and repairs to be performed at the department mechanic, greatly reducing maintenance cost versus other specialized vehicles.

   This vehicle is on display in the front parking lot at the Sheriff's Office. It was paid for by Friend of the Sheriff Department (well-known as the campaign committee for DeBasilio) and funds within the Sheriff's Budget.

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Anonymous said...

Militarisation of our local sheriff's department, really nice.