Thursday, December 26, 2019

Calaveras Supervisor Tofanelli gets REAL!!--Who's funding LAWSUIT?

Come on!  Let's go have
some booze. What da ya
   While Calaveras Supervisor Gary Tofanelli changed his vote and approved funding and the budget for the new Cannabis Department at the County, there are many questions.

   Mr BigPot McManus, the person
most believe is a total nut case Trump-cult lover, still is coming before the Board of Supervisors.  WHO is paying him?  No one we've talked to believe he would EVER do this for free!

   What does the IRS say about his organization, Calaveras Residents against Commercial Marijuana, who have been in trouble with the FPPC already?

   And who is paying for the new lawsuit the kooks have filed against the county?  Something is very fishy.  Some suspect the radical right wing Republican Party and others suspect the churches are actually giving money to he and his lawsuit.  We are investigating!

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Anonymous said...

We all know who is right. I say BAN and go Trump!