Friday, December 13, 2019

GOP furious at Nadler--OConnell to help Trump

   UPDATE:  Impeachment of Donald J. Trump was just approved by the House Judiciary Committee.
   After 14 hour of debate, where Republicans tried to get out of the Impeachment hearing early
because Trump was giving a Christmas party at the White House, they were already angry
because Nadler refused.

   To get back at Nadler they then introduced a bunch of amendments to the Impeachment articles, all of which were voted down.

   Then around midnight, it was time for the final vote and Nadler suddenly adjourned for the night. Temper tantrums erupted from Republicans, but it did not good.

   Apparently some were planning on flying out early this morning, and would have to cancel or change their flights.

   Meadnwhile, OConnell was on Hannity, promising to work WITH Trump's White House once the impeachment came to the Senate.  It figures!

   The committee vote will be at 10 AM this morning, with the entire House vote next Wednesday.


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