Friday, December 13, 2019

Gary Tofanelli has lost his mind???

   Everyone knows that Dennis Mills is a right wing freak in our opinion and has a trump-cult
mindset against cannabis.

   But Gary Tofanelli is now so tied to Mills' apron strings that he can't think for himself. He needs to be thrown out of office.

   Sharon Romano should beat him easily now!  It seems Tofanelli has lost his mind over cannabis. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Tofu never had a mind to loose. I’ve seen 8 year olds that are more decisive and less prone to temper tantrums then that piece of work. Go back to Stockton!

Anonymous said...

Grow your weed in Imperial County and NOT in our backyard you bunch of barnyard animals!

Anonymous said...

What I find hilarious, is that when someone does not agree with a certain agenda, such as the Cannabis issues in this County, they are considered racist, right-wing nuts, idiots. Maybe these two are actually looking into the laws, think about it. The truth always hurts, especially those who don't want to realize what the truth actually is. I think you guys all need to do your research, all it's going to take is for someone to call the DEA on the counties in the state of California and your cannabis is going to go tits up, think about it really hard, and research. For someone who thinks they are so tolerant of other races and political values you are the biggest two-faced blogger I have ever seen.