Thursday, February 6, 2020

Alice Montgomery at it again???

   Having control over other people seems to be Alice Montgomery, of Arnold's, favorite

   She was at it again at the last Calaveras Supervisor meeting, telling everyone they cannot be allowed to have cannabis and exactly how many trees they can have on their property and how far apart their canopy can be.

   Is this insanity or not?  She WAS trying to tell us what Supervisor to have, but she got put in her place when people rejected her ideas and re-elected Merita Callaway.

   Apparently following Callaway around did not help her cause, either.  We hear that the ex-supervisor is still shedding tears with Montgomery, over his loss.


Anonymous said...

Montgomery is one of the three stooges; reinke, montgomery and that white haired wierdo who always come to the supe meetings, right extremists!

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness we are rid of that caballlllll....