Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Derek Chauvin moved

Even Chauvin's wife can't stand him and filed
for divorce.
   The accused killer of Floyd George, a fired cop named Derek Chauvin, is apparently not a popular guy in prison.

   He has now been moved to a maximum security private prison cell.

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Anonymous said...

He is in holding not prison. When he is convicted and sent to prison he will surely be a very popular pig to all the long term convicts with nothing else to do. He will have poor George in his dreams forever wishing he made a different choice rather than acting like a typical pig who was first a bully in high school but given a gun and badge. I wonder how many others were beaten or terrified by this pig and his pig friends prior to George Floyd being murdered for nothing but sport. Racist pigs, you are nothing without your pig badge and pig gun