Sunday, February 7, 2021

Marriage licenses in Calaveras County

    In January of 2021 Marriage Licenses were issued to the following:

   Joseph Mark

Rivas Jr. and Kathryn Lorraine Page on January 4, 2021

   George Louis Bennett and Edna Balan Guerrero on January 4, 2021

   Lane Marvin Taylor and Danielle Elizabeth Doehrmann on January 5, 2021

   Daniel Jared-Lee Hart and Chelsea Commons on January 7, 2021

   Devin Kent Walden and Taylor Jeanette Daniels on January 7, 2021

   Sergio Vazquez and Yareli Lizbeth Alvarez on January 8, 2021

   Kenneth Preston Talbert and Kiley Marie Converse on January 8, 2021   

   Christopher Charles Keck and Maegan Aliza McGee on January 12, 2021

   Brittany Elizabeth Cherry and Donnie AC Tiner, Jr on January 15, 2021

   Jamie Legrand Smith and Shane Robert Hoiland on January 15, 2021

   Esteban Castaneda II and Kathleen Denisce Castaneda on January 15, 2021

   Matthew Jacob Caldera and Morgan Hallie McClure on January 20, 2021

   Gregory Alan McInturf II and Emily Marie Noreen on January 20, 2021

   Sara Ariza Solis and Dario Vazquez Lopez on January 20, 2021

   William Eugene Danielson and Danielle Paige Schoen on January 21, 2021

   Heather Lynn West and Mark Anthony Clinkenbeard on January 21, 2021

   Kevin Ray Snethen and Brittaney Nichole Faye King on January 22, 2021


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