Friday, February 5, 2021

Supervisor response on Ebbetts Pass storm

    On Wednesday February 3, 2021 around 3:40 PM we sent an email to Calaveras Supervisors' Chair Ben Stopper and the entire board:

   "  We've had many questions about what happened to the $4.4

million that you received for businesses suffering due to Covid?

    And what has OES been doing to relieve the suffering from the snow problem?  Is the county working to remove the 10' berms they created, preventing people from getting help?

   Thank you!


  On February 4, 2021 at around 8:40 AM, we received an email response from Chair Ben Stopper:

   "The Cares Act $4.4 million was separate from the money that was put out for businesses. This said, we did use some of it for providing PPE.

   Half of it was used to this point for offset of costs  for the response to Covid-19 this past year.

   The second half is in our contingency fund waiting for the direction of the Board for further distribution which some may or may not be distributed to businesses depending on the vote of the Board. 

   We will be addressing this during the mid-year budget later this month either on the 16th and or 23rd.

  As for snow removal, typically the snow berms are the responsibility of the residents. But you do pose a good question as to the extreme amount from last weeks storm and the length of time people are trapped in their homes as it becomes a welfare issue.    I will have to ask to find out.

   We will also be having an agenda item for an update on the response next Tuesday February 9, 2021 that will have more solid data and you can pose any questions you have at that time."


Anonymous said...

This is a terrible response from the BOS Chair. Ben Stopper did not adequately address or explain WHY the $4.4 million targeted for small business assistance never left the County General Fund - NOT one dime has gone to small business!!!

His conversation/explanation on the sever snow accumulation, a residential health and safety issue, which should have been addressed by our OES Department in REAL TIME was also pathetic!! OES is very well funded and just watched as residents struggled to survive with no power and huge snow berms that held residents captive in their homes. Ben's going to place these items for future BOS agendas TOTALLY BOGUS Explanation!!!!

Action is what these poor residents needed 6 days ago - What their getting is lip service. . .

Anonymous said...

We haven't had a storm like this in 30 years. We are all used to berms, but these were 10-12' walls of ice. Older people needed help and a regular plow couldn't break thru.