Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Dear Editor: Thank you NRA & GOP

    Dear Editor:  I want to send a special thank you to the NRA

following the shooting in Texas yesterday.

    If it weren't for you our best killers would not be able to buy, at 18 years old, the very best of whatever assault or military style weapons they need for their job.

   I also want to thank the GOP, who keeps the corrupt NRA going, for taking so much money to help with your campaigns and denying the rights to safety of our children at their school.

   Your PRO-LIFE claims are so wonderful; they very smartly do not include rights for our children to life after they are born.  

    Hopefully everyone will vote the right way this year.  

   Thank you, Sierra Sentinel, for listening,

     B of Ebbetts Pass

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Anonymous said...

We also need to thank lisa mutts for her grand support of the NRA. What a great shooter for supe she would be.