Saturday, May 14, 2022

OP-ED: If you vote for any Republican.....

    A vote for a Republican is a vote for RACISM, anti-womens rights, anti-gay rights, dictator

Trump and years of hate!

   Until they clean up their sewer, it is not safe to vote for any of them, especially Muetterties locally. Be careful and VOTE for Huberty to keep District 3 a wonderful place to live.

  Please let us know if you see Muetterties (who claims to NOT be a Trumper) carrying her AR-15 around. We hear she is getting crazier!


Anonymous said...

Hey, you left off years of INSANITY!!! We're still trying to recover from the sick Trump years!!!

Anonymous said...

Previous commenter is 100% correct - totally agree and so hope we don't have him again.