Monday, May 2, 2022

Is it really true about Muetterties being desperate???

   At this point in a campaign for election, some candidates cannot take the pressure of a likely loss

and do desperate things.

   It seems that the Muetterties camp is in that position now.  Having people try and change stats on other websites and getting articles removed from the internet because they don't favor you, are a couple of those hard to believe activities.

   Are they also making lewd comments to try and help the Muetterties on certain sick websites who do not moderate their comments?

   It is sad to believe that any candidate can get this desperate to try and win, but if you are paying attention to this election, the extremists are holding up their AR 15's to the world!!!

   Be careful how you vote unless you want this behavior to continue for four years.  We believe voting for the only honorable candidate in the running, Martin Huberty, is the way to save our District 3. 


Anonymous said...

I think her real estate place is doing badly. Not a good reason to run for office.

Anonymous said...

Trump will be in town on June 7th to complain the election was rigged as he slides his hand up Lisa's skirt! And that will our chance to hang him for TREASON!

Anonymous said...

Ms. mutt, I told you not to carry your AR around and kissing Preston every time you see him.