Monday, May 2, 2022

Extremist right-winger "John" interviews candidates...screws up candidates night???

    Who is the extremist Trumper, "John", who has not only taken full responsibility for screwing

up the Candidates Night in Arnold (along with the so-called ACBCA) and interviewing Supervisor candidates? Desperate to help his buddy Muetterties???

   Why does "John" not use his last name in his interviews?  Because he is the John Hamilton of the AD loving blog he lives off of?  

   Or is it because he doesn't want anyone to know that he is the one who refuses to moderate the crazies who comment on his blog, allowing them to libel people and other businesses in the area if they refuse to place ads with him?

      No reputable business would pay money for the shame of what goes on in his mind?  The fact that he allows, no, encourages lewd comments without any moderation of them, shows what kind of person he really is.





Anonymous said...

This is so true. People are even talking about lisa's cheating and being a golddigger. sick stuff. slander if you aren't running for office.

Anonymous said...

They even allow lewd comments, distasteful and crazy nuts