Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Marriage licenses in Calaveras County

      In April of 2022 the following people received marriage licenses:

    Jessy Lee Woodard and

Nicholas Scott Schlueter on April 7, 

   William David Wheeler and Nancy Jean Prout on April 7,

   Chaz William Evans and Erik Melford Alldrin on April 8,

   William James Wingo and Melissa Jenice Ruiz on April 8,

   Matthew John Sullivan and Amanda Hope McGrady on April 8,

   Jody Renee Jurgens and Benjamin Isaac Garcia on April 12,

   Patrick Kyle Young and Katelyn Norma Trapp Cunningham on April 13,

   Kylie Rose Ecoff and Christopher Bailey Muetterties on April 14,

   Shannon Elicha Ramirez and Jauregui Rene Mora on April 14,

   Abigayle Marie Mitchell and Caleb Jonathan Steffes on April 15,

   Julia Ralena Rohrabaugh and Enrique Ruben Gutierrez on April 19,

   Gayle Evelyn Geiser and Matthew William Boggs on April 19,

   Michael Anthony Brookshire and Sadie Adine Silva on April 20,

   Matthew Michael Triano and Caitlyn Marie Ferman on April 21,

   Timother Preston Haley and Joan Elin Irish on April 21,

   Katalina Alexis Gomez and David Conrad Hobson on April 22,

    Marquez Salvador Casillas and Marina Tonanzi Rochin on April 25,

   Hannah Emily Jack and Darren Todd Benton, Jr on April 25, 

   Casey George Chastain and Cynthia Paige Podwinski on April 28,

   Savannah Deann Dillon and Jeremy Charles Decle on April 29,

   Kaley Rae Garcia and Joshua Richard Allen on April 29.


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