Thursday, October 3, 2013

Hay truck crashes on Hwy 49

  October 3, 2013 :  At approximately 6:25 AM, according to CHP, Carey Pehl, Jr (19) of Acampo, was driving a Roadrunner Hay Squeeze on Hwy 49 just north of San Domingo Creek.

   Pehl related that his vehicle drifted to the right. Pehl further related that as his vehicle veered  right he felt the right side tires travel off the roadway.

   Pehl tried to correct his course of travel by swerving left. He lost control of the vehicle which crossed over solid double yellow lines, continued across the northbound lane and left the roadway.

   Pehl's vehicle subsequently collided with the dirt embankment on the right shoulder of Hwy 49 northbound and overturned.

   Pehl sustained minor injuries as a result of this collision and was transported via American Legion Ambulance Services to Mark Twain Hospital.

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