Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Press bombard Walt Gray with questions

Walt Gray and his wife with
their three daughters at home.
Photo taken by Sacramento Magazine
   UPDATE: On January 8, 2014 Walt Gray's boss distributed a letter to the press stating that although Gray is flattered, he is not interested in seeking office at this time.

   The fact that Gray's boss wrote the letter is very interesting. Perhaps he was feeling threatened with firing if he decided to run for office. Hmmmm.

  :This morning we heard that the Sacramento Bee and others have been contacting Walt Gray to ask
if he is filing to run against Tom McClintock for Congress.

   Gray told us he is just concerned that McClintock is not doing his job for the people here. He tells us that he has not yet made up his mind, but is exploring the possibility of a candidacy at this time.

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