Sunday, January 5, 2014

The CAO wants "Civility" at all times!! This means "PUBLIC, SHUT UP!!!!"

   The Calaveras CAO Lori Norton told the Board of Supervisors on December 3, 2013 at their secret meeting (not filmed), that she wants them to set the example by being "Civil". And what do they mean by civil??

   This means that they expect the public to never argue with what has been proposed by the Supervisors or staff.

   No protests, no arguments, no raised voices.  They have changed in the USA, no more VietNam protests are allowed. The people are never allowed to complain.

   Ponte even says she doesn't like arguments. She gets turned off by any complaint or argument. This is a problem.  These elected officials want to do what they want and no one to ever disagree!!

   Ponte already has her mind made up before she listens to the public. This is clear by her comments at this meeting.  "No sense in arguing--I'm not listening"!

   The corruption in the County continues with this "civility" policy. To them "civility" means shut up public and do what you are told by these elected officials.


Anonymous said...

Listening to the public, just makes the meeting longer, cutting into the elected officials campaign and fun time. They are so knowledgeable of county business. There isn't a code compliance order they disagree with.
If the last election was fun, think of what this election cycle is going to be? EEEEha, CIVILITY be damned!
I wonder if all the future meetings will have a Sheriff's Dept. agenda issues? Why, you ask? So there will be a in chambers deputy to, by order of the chairperson, remove the unwashed and uncivil Citizens, Taxpayers, VOTERS from chambers.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Ponte, not everyone speaks cattle talk. You seemed to respond to your personal associate the Rader guy. If its a friend of hers, they can speak anyway they want. If they don't agree with her, she turns herself off, just like she says. Civility, what a joke!!!

Anonymous said...

You are so right. Civility is in the ears of the beholder. Ponte is so judgmental. I thought she would be a good supervisor, but she has done nothing to clean up lake Tulloch either. nothing. But being civil means don't mention it.

Anonymous said...

Lake Tulloch, didn't a noise ordinance pass? Are you talking about CCWD's sewer lines in Tulloch?
Seen any floaters lately?