Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Letter to the Editor: Fires not our problem!

   Dear Editor:

   I keep seeing reports from all the government agencies and other organizations that say we have a problem with fires in our forests.

    Do we have a problem with fires in our forests, or do we have a problem with HUMANS in our forests.

   I recently read where Stanislaus National Forest was bragging that the Rim Fire was worst in areas that had not burned before, but not so bad in areas that had recently burned.

  Does no one realize that there would NOT have been a Rim Fire but for an ignorant and uncaring hunter, who started an illegal fire and devastated our forest?

   Then near Placerville, another giant fire caused by an angry mentally unstable man who committed arson, not started all be itself!

   What we need to do, in my opinion, is keep the people out of the forests, instead of encouraging every nut case in the state to go in a burn down the place.

  Banning hunting and better control human access in general to keep the arsonists, mental cases, out!

   Please accept my letter! But don't print my name! Thank you!

   Lover of the forest in Ebbetts Pass

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