Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Calaveras Supervisor Oliveira want to be Sheriff?? Big pay raise!!!

   Now we hear that although Supervisor Oliveira has been embarrasses over his failure to handle any of the problems of Ebbetts Pass, he feels as though he is qualified to be Sheriff.

   An anonymous source tells us that just like he brags at every Calaveras Supervisors meeting that he is over-qualified to do anything that is brought up, he is now bragging behind the scenes that he should be appointed Sheriff. It's at least a triple raise in pay!

   After all, he apparently says, "I can sit in my office and play with the wierdos and crazies all day, just like Kuntz did!"


Anonymous said...

lol, he does think he's something. Maybe he wants McClintock's job.

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to start the Recall process!

Anonymous said...

Be very careful regarding this. Calaveras County voters are easily deceived by blowhards and this bozo did get elected in the 3rd district. He would be a disaster as Sheriff.