Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Old folks working for Calaveras Deputy Kyle Johnson??

   Recently we were told that there is an old couple frequenting businesses, but never buying anything in the Ebbetts Pass area; acting very suspiciously.

   Some think they are in some weird way pretending to work for Calaveras Sheriff's Deputy Kyle Johnson, who has been harshly criticized of late for his abuse of innocent hard-working residents.

   No one has been able to get their names, but one witness says they threaten to take photos of other customers in each store and tell "KYLE" about them, trying to implicate them in some crime or other.

     Perhaps they should be reported and arrested!! Are these people in some way related to this strange abusive deputy??


Anonymous said...

Is this the same one who has complaints that he writes false reports??

Anonymous said...

I had thought he was ok at first. then he got mixed up with the Oliveira campaign, the Glanvilles' Prestons and Kuntz. He lost it, in my opnion and probly won't get it back. too bad.

Anonymous said...

could those old people be his parents or grandparents? why would they do such a thing.